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To ensure your deck is built to Best Choice Deck Builders standards, we perform a a full on-site inspection upon completion. No wonder hundreds of customers love their decks.

Design - Our team works closely with you to understand your vision for the project, so that we may develop a design that will meet and exceed it.

Inspection - A structural engineer and an architect will be on location as needed to ensure your requests are implemented in accordance with municipality requirements.

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Front Porch Contractors Danforth

We supply and fit a wide range of quality porches & conservatories to suit your budget and style.

Front Porch Contractors Danforth we specialize in front porches. We are a local, family run business, in operation for over 22 years.

The main objective of our company is to provide the Danforth region with high quality A-rated energy efficient front porches at affordable prices. We can build energy efficient bespoke porches to meet your needs. We cater to both domestic and commercial markets, providing turnkey solutions to suit a wide range of requirements.

With such a wide range of services and products, a client can avoid the struggle of organizing multiple contractors and tradesmen, as we cover everything from the foundations to the final painting of your front porch.

It all starts with a greeting! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to find out more about our products and services, or to arrange a free inspection or quote. 647-955-5320

A simple addition equals an enormous change

A front porch is a perfect addition to any home and adds immense visual and practical value. At Front Porch Contractors Danforth, we can install uPVC, glass and brick front porches to your home that will change the face of the building and offer a wealth of benefits. We offer a world of customization options that will ensure the front porch you have in mind can be realized by our expert contractors and specialists.

How will a front porch impact your home?

A front porch from Front Porch Contractors Danforth is an added layer of security to your home. It acts as an extra shield at the forefront of your property that can be fitted with a second secure door to prevent and deter intruders. You can use the space as a buffer between the outside world and your home, to prevent cold air entering in winter, and to keep the heat out in the summer. You can equip your front porch with coat and shoe racks for convenience and extra storage opportunities, and to keep your home cleaner on wet and muddy days.

Benefits of a porch

Aside from the buffering and security aspects of a front porch, adding one onto your home will also raise the property value substantially, and create a brilliant aesthetical boom where people will notice it the most. Depending on the size of your porch and the options that you’ve selected prior to our installation, you can add some real space to your home, for whatever purpose you desire. Some of the key benefits broken down are:

  • A security buffer in your home

  • Extra storage space

  • A fantastic aesthetical addition

  • Increased property and visual value

  • Affordable way to expand your home

Front Porch Contractors Danforth design and create custom-built porches to the exact specifications of clients throughout Danforth and the surrounding GTA. Our front porches are made using the very latest building techniques which prioritize quality craftsmanship and energy efficiency. Design a front porch that perfectly suits your property with the help of our extensive range of available contractors at Front Porch Contractors Danforth.

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Most Danforth buildings are finished with a traditional exterior like red brick, render, or dashed finishes.

Our extensions match the traditional exterior of buildings, seamlessly blending the extension with the older part of the property.

We help clients find the right front porch finish to blend with the unique aesthetic of their property.


Completing a porch extension not only adds value to your home but also provides an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

A second door will give you a comfortable space when leaving or entering your home while enhancing the insulation and aesthetic value of the property. Improve the overall appearance of your building with Front Porch Contractors Danforth.

Important Porch Considerations

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, a beautiful house porch also has the unique ability to give your home in Danforth, construct a completely new look while also protecting you from all outside elements. The great thing about front porch and back porch extensions is that they act as an added insulation to your door.

When it comes to your home front porch, its size is the very first aspect that you need to discuss and decide upon with your porch contractors. Apart from that, front porch design is a vital factor too since with the right porch roof, porch flooring, and all the other necessary features you are making sure that your new porch blends seamlessly with the existing aesthetic you’ve created in your home.

If you’re in need of a house porch in a terraced home, you need to be mindful of your neighbors as well, in case you share a garden wall. Luckily, Front Porch Contractors Danforth has plenty of experience in providing all types of porch services in Danforth, which is why we can help you in regards to all of these considerations and give you a beautiful and functional new house porch.

Choose Front Porch Contractors Danforth!

Front Porch Contractors Danforth is a local, family owned business that has been providing clients all over Danforth with contractors who offer a comprehensive selection of front porch options. We supply and install Front Porches in both domestic and commercial properties.

Since being established in 1999, we have garnered a reputation for our customer focus and our fast, professional front porch installation service. We take the time to listen to our clients and our expert team can advise on the right front porch solution to complement the practical and aesthetic needs of the client's property.

From the elegance and timeless beauty of Sash windows to the robust build and security offered by composite doors, we pride ourselves on offering clients a huge selection of windows and doors for their front porch along with an efficient, reliable and professional installation service.

Front Porch Contractors Danforth provides clients with a complete, professional and full porch construction and sunroom construction service.

We have a full team of highly experienced and professional contractors who complete sunrooms and porches to the very highest of professional standards. Our cost-effective and efficiently managed construction services ensure absolute efficiency and organization throughout the building process.

To discuss the Front Porch needs of your property, get in contact with Best Choice Deck Builders today. 647-955-5320

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