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Composite Decking Builder

Composite Deck Builder, Composite Decking Builder, Decking used to be traditionally made of wood but now composite decking is widely used in many homes across the GTA Toronto and surrounding areas. This is a relatively new material, has many advantages and many people are now option for it. Fence & Deck Connection has been installing composite decking in a number of homes in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Burlington, Hamilton and Newmarket, Barrie as well as other cities and towns in the Ontario and people are opting for it because it offers the benefits mentioned below.


  • Long-lasting - Composite deck boards are made of compressed wood, vinyl and various recycled materials. Since it is a combination of plastic & wood, the material is very long-lasting even in very harsh weather conditions.
  • Low Maintenance - Since many people found wood to be more of a hassle when used as a decking material, the need arose for a material that would be able to offset those problems effectively. This material also does not require any staining or painting. Composite decking does not peel, rot or splinter and these factors make it a very low-maintenance option. Though a bit of moss might occasionally gather on composite decks and they might get a little stained over time, cleaning them with regular household cleaners & a brush solves the problem.


  • Color Retention - Composite decks also have a very uniform color as these boards are manufactured from a single batch of composites and uniformity is color is thus maintained within a single lot of boards.
  • Pest & Rot Resistant - The components used in the manufacture of composite decking make it resistant to rot and pests and it does not have to be infused with any heavy metals or pesticides, to keep it that way. Thus it becomes a safe option for homes that have children or animals.
  • New Variants - Since composite deck borads are a man-made product, companies are always testing, researching and improving the material. This kind of constant innovation by the various companies that manufacture this decking ensures that new and improved products are constantly introduced into the market. Better finishes and more realistic looking wood grain and different colors make this product a very versatile one. The companies also innovate on the kind of hardware that is used in the installation process and no nails or screws are required while fixing them.

Composite Decking Builder Toronto

Composite Decking Builder Toronto

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With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that composite decking is growing in popularity and a larger number of people are now requesting that this material should now be used for deck installation in their homes.

We use the best decking materials and accessories and ensure that the installation is carried out in the shortest possible time and in the most effective manner. All our solutions are customized to match your needs and we provide you with very creative designs for composite decking.

Composite Deck Builder, Some people would like to have PVC or composite decking, and they rely on us as their deck builder. It's because we offer the best quality of decking materials and service that so many rely on us for their service needs. We use high-quality PVC decking boards made from recycled materials. Plastic wood decking is among the most requested types of decks that we install. While some people prefer wood decking, if they want to cut costs, they often have PVC installed instead. PVC is more expensive upfront, but in the long run, it is less expensive.

Advantages of PVC and Composite Decking

Even if you would like wood decking, you may not want to deal with the problems that come with it. There are many advantages of PVC or Composite decking, which many are fully aware of, which is why they request it so often. PVC decking is mould-resistant, stain-resistant, and doesn't fade. The PVC decking that we install looks like wood, but without the problems that come with having natural wood decking installed. Most of our customers who want PVC decking installed, do so because of its low maintenance. They don't have to do anything to maintain its appearance other than washing it with a water hose from time to time. Toronto Composite Deck Builder.

Reputable Decking Service

To ensure that your deck is solidly constructed, make sure you rely on our deck expertise. When you want to know that your deck will not collapse, do yourself a favour by using us to build your PVC deck. We’ll take our time to make sure that your deck is solidly constructed. The deck is only as good as the person building it, which is why we always do a great job of constructing your PVC deck. It is why our services are the most reputable.

Professional Deck Builders Toronto

We only rely on the most qualified team of experienced deck builders to assist us with the service needs of our customers. It is important that we not only provide you with a beautiful new deck but that it is also safe. Our professional deck building team can effectively build a safe deck that can accommodate the capacity of people you would like. Our deck builders will take the time to help you understand all that you need to know about your deck to remain safe while you're using it, such as maximum capacity. Toronto Composite Deck Builder, call us 647-955-5320.

Affordable PVC Deck Builders

We source our deck materials from the most reputable manufacturers. Since we purchase in such large quantities, we often save on our purchases. If we save, we feel it is only fair that our customers can also save on their decking needs. When you want and need affordable PVC decking, you’ll find it by relying on Best Choice Deck Builders. We have built hundreds of affordable PVC decks, which is why our services are often preferred. You’ll get the best service from our builders, which is why you should rely on us for your service needs. You always get what you pay for!

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Composite Deck Builder Toronto

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Composite Deck Builders

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Porch, deck or balcony repairs are usually expensive and noisy. Most people do not start renovating until it is necessary. Toronto porches, decks or balconies are destroyed over time. This is due to extreme weather conditions and daily use.

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